The SECRET to LIVING is GIVING… And, that’s why EMCOL Service Group is proud to give back in alliance with like-minded health-and-wellness-conscious entities and individuals all across the world to inform, educate, encourage, and build up others through Sound Life Group (SLG) EMPOWERMENT Workshop.

Our reach cuts across all race, creed, sex, and/or political affiliations.

In collaboration with a prominent 29-yr old US-based Wellness company, SLG also partners with other life coaches, and business leaders; reaching out to ALL PEOPLE with intent to empower through its FREE informational workshops, touching on how to:

  • live longer and healthier;
  • engage in preventive care for the total person;
  • Change Life with Our Tested & Proven 12-Success Factors;
  • Achieve Time Freedom & Financial Freedom;
  • Secure Your Retirement; Secure Your Children’s Future;
  • Earn EXTRA Income while Keeping your current Job at will;
  • NO Selling involved. NO Inventories. NO Pressure!
  • Learn to Enjoy Life on your Own Terms!

With this program, EVERYONE Wins Anytime and Every Time, 100% RISK-FREE!
Some people WANT good things to happen.
Some WISH good things would happen.
Others MAKE good things happen.
Are you ready to ACT?

Our Target Audience

Consists of ANYONE Who Enjoys HELPING Others:

Seniors, Entrepreneurs, Medical Practitioners, Bankers, diverse Professionals, Teachers, Clerks, Stay-at-Home Moms/Dads, the Unemployed, etc.

If you can spare about 5-10 per week, we are looking to RECRUIT and TRAIN diverse & motivated individuals and business owners who are ready to make a difference TODAY. If you can’t commit to a minimum of 5hrs/week, its okay, we invite you to attend a workshop near you asap for more info that will benefit you for life.

Through our recruiting exercise, we BUILD up new lives and new leaders who may have shown the resolve to buy into the vision of the group with the sole GOAL of helping other people as well.

Sick and tired of being sick and tired. Living just to survive another month to pay more bills? This is for you!

Looking for a job or a home-based business? This is for you!

Senior Citizens or Retired Individuals wanting to get busy sometime? This is for you!

Need EXTRA Income stream? This is for you!

Enjoy helping Others reach their GOALS? This is for you!

Are You Coachable? This is absolutely for you!

To learn how to be part of this project, set up an appointment, or ATTEND the next Workshop